For Arizona Snowbowl's 2015-16 Winter Season, Snow Sports PR delivered:

850+ TV News stories and mentions in Snowbowl's largest markets, Phoenix and Tucson
36,500,000+ viewers
$3,000,000+ in advertising value based on the cost of 30-second spots

Please contact Snow Sports PR regarding your ski area's editorial coverage across broadcast, print and the internet.

Arizona Snowbowl's 2015-16 Winter Season Phoenix TV News coverage By-Month:

September 2015

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "Arizona Snowbowl Opening Day Announcement"   

                             Ad Value Per 30 Seconds: $77,000 approx              
                             Viewership: 1,100,000 approx     
                             Number of stories & teases: 25 approx (All on September 29th & 30th)

October 2015

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "heli works on new lift…Snowbowl Gets Fresh Powder…Snowbowl job fair…"           
                              Ad Value: $360,000 approx          
                              Viewership: 3,900,000 approx     
                              Number of stories & teases reported: 96 approx

November 2015

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "Snowbowl Opens…gets snow…new lift…"  
                              Ad Value: $1,187,000 approx       

                              Viewership: 13,300,000 approx   
                              Number of stories & teases: 323 approx

December 2015

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "New Chairlift & 30 Inches of Snow This Week"        
                              Ad Value: $507,000 approx          
                              Viewership: 6,200,000 Million approx      
                              Number of stories & teases: 122 approx

January 2016

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "great conditions…more than 21 inches has fallen in the last two days at snowbowl…guest appreciation day…"       
                              Ad Value: $420,000 approx          
                              Viewership: 5,200,000 approx     
                              Number of stories & teases: 104 approx

February 2016

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "20 inches of fresh powder…Valentine's Day Snowbowl with Stay Free Package…Leap Day Ticket Deal"       
                              TV Ad Value: $265,000 approx    
                              TV Viewership: 3,100,000 approx              
                              Number of TV stories & teases: 60 approx

March 2016

TV Coverage of "New Snow…skiing has never been better...April Party weekends with discounted tickets…"            
                              TV Ad Value: $141,000 approx    
                              TV Viewership: 2,000,000 approx              
                              Total number of TV stories & teases: 49 approx

April & May 2016

Phoenix TV News Coverage of "Last Weekend" and at least 8 stories 2016-17 Season Passes are on sale 
                              Ad Value: $155,000 approx          
                              Viewership: Over 1,900,000 approx  

                              Number of stories & teases: 42 approx

CLICK HERE to view a video of Snow Sports PR's Arizona Snowbowl 2016-17 TV News Coverage Samples from the Phoenix/Flagstaff and Tucson TV markets

This season, Snowbowl benefited from 76,390,000 Earned Media Impressions via approx 1,100+ TV hits valued at $10.44 Million.

For the 2015-16 season: 36,500,000 Earned Media Impressions via 820+ Snowbowl hits valued at $9.3 Million.

For the 2014-15 season: 24,600,000 Earned Media Impressions via 550+ Snowbowl hits valued at $7.5 Million.

Beyond this TV & radio news coverage, substantial print, internet and social media hits have also been delivered. 

This traditional media exposure also drives social media and search engine/website traffic -as both have become leading gateways to legacy newspaper, news radio and TV News.  Local TV news continues to be the most popular source of news for all generations, reports the Pew Research Center.

Editorial coverage included the following Arizona Snowbowl key messaging:
"New Chairlift Announcement"
"Opening Date Announcement"
"Opening Day"
"Snowbowl Gets Fresh Powder"
"Snowbowl to host job fair"
"Snowbowl has great conditions"
"More than 21 inches in the last two days"
"Snowbowl Guest Appreciation Day"
"Valentine's Day at Snowbowl with Stay Free Package"
"New Snow…skiing has never been better"
"April Party weekends with discounted tickets"
"Cinco de Mayo Weekend at Arizona Snowbowl".