Click here to see samples of TV news hits, the majority from LA -others in SD, Palm Springs & Las Vegas. Many more sample clips are available. 

Winter 2021-22: 1,100 TV & Radio News Hits

Winter 2020-21: 845 TV & Radio News Hits

Winter 2019-20: 615 TV & Radio News Hits (Covid ended season early)

Winter 2018-19: 500 TV & Radio News Hits

Winter 2017-18: 180 TV & Radio News Hits
Winter 2016-17: 240 TV & Radio News Hits
Winter 2015-16: 100 TV & Radio News Hits

Samples of print and internet hits available too.

Editorial messages included:

  • Look at this great video from Snow Valley, which got snow.
  • This video coming in from Snow Valley Mountain Resort in San Bernardino.
  • Happening today: Snow Valley is continuing to get snow. The mountain resort in Running Springs says it has its best conditions of the season.
  • If you're going to go skiing, Snow Valley it's going to be so nice with mostly sunny skies today.
  • Grab your skis or your sled head up the Snow Valley there is plenty of snow natural and manmade up there on the slopes for this Presidents' Day.
  • Head to Snow valley - it's a great weekend to do it.
  • SVMR has night sessions and great discounts -all promoted in detail with new video from this morning from Snow Valley.